Wind Dial is Blown Away’s very own wind power tracker.

We’re putting our great British weather to good use: find out how much electricity UK wind is generating this very second.

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Right now wind power is generating 8317MW meeting
26%   of the UK's
electricity demand
or 26% of the UK's current electricity demand
Sign the Blown Away pledge to back wind

Blown away by the awesome power of the wind? You’re not alone.

Most Brits are big fans of onshore wind: over two thirds of us back it, year after year.

It’s clean, it’s cheap and we’ve got no shortage of wind here! But right now the government is getting away with rule changes that have all but banned new onshore wind power in the UK. Just when we need it most.

If this carries on we’ll lose a vital British industry and risk the future we all want to build. We can’t let the government hang wind power out to dry.

Publicly pledge your support for wind power and together we’ll get the wind back in our sails.

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Data sources

Recent generation data:
Where available we have displayed the actual generation data from recent days. Please note that not all sites have data feeds linked to the People’s Power Station, as a result, aggregated search results may under-represent actual generation figures in the graph.

CO2 intensity:
We are using DEFRA/DECCs carbon intensity of electricity for the current year, expressed as CO2 equivalent.

Energy consumption:
Our comparative data figures are based on the following sources.